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Talent recruitment

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    Number of recruits: 1Job Location: Shenzhen

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Annual audit and guidance of qualified suppliers, and assist suppliers in management optimization and quality improvement of products and processes
    2. Supplier exception handling; Including MRB of defective raw materials, handling of return, requesting suppliers, putting forward 8D requirements to suppliers, tracking the effectiveness of corrective measures, process feedback, re field confirmation and handling of abnormal incoming materials. At the same time, lead the review meeting of poor supplier quality
    3. Inspection, evaluation and certification of new suppliers
    4. Monthly and annual quality performance assessment of suppliers
    5. Comprehensively evaluate the supplier’s incoming materials, on-line quality status, timeliness and compatibility of report reply every month
    6. Temporary inspection and guidance of suppliers with major abnormalities
    7. Inspection and guidance of RoHS, reach and EICC system

    Basic requirements:

    1. College degree or above.
    2. At least 2 years working experience in supplier management in large manufacturing industry, familiar with PCBA patch process management
    3. Familiar with ISO9OO1, ISO14001, EICC, ROHS, reach system
    4. Skillfully use all kinds of quality management tools for quality improvement, and have unique opinions on production site management
    5. Experience in supplier management of connector components such as wire, hardware, plastic, etc.

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